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May 25, 2019



7 Blood Pressure Mistakes


BP Readout


  • According to the American Heart Association these 7 mistakes could add up to 50 extra points to your Blood Pressure score

  • As a result, you could be given medication that you do not need and should not be taking

  • Most doctors and nurses make these mistakes when they take your Blood...

May 15, 2019

Discover why a simple thing you do every day can change your health and why your mother was wrong about it although she didn't know it. You may be getting sick because you've been washing your hands the wrong way your whole life. I'll tell you about the small change that will make all of the difference and the billion...

May 14, 2019

This could save your life -- or someone else's.

Do you know the Signs of a Stroke? If you are over 50 (or know someone over 50) this podcast is important for you.

You must listen to this podcast now, before you need this information because knowing these signs could save your life or the life of someone you love!