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Apr 27, 2022

This is one of my favorite interviews, I hope you enjoy! An interview from September 2020 with Mary Howick who spent almost 30 years in leadership positions with multi-national financial institutions. She is also a single mother which means she spent a lot of time balancing those two parts of her life.

She also decided to become a psychotherapist, Reiki Master and Isha Judd System facilitator at the same time. Then she got cancer and that changed her life (like it does for so many people). She retired from her corporate job and went to Uruguay for 3 years to study more intensely with Isha Judd who is an enlightened spiritual teacher.

Mary then returned to Ireland and trained as a coach using the 3 principles based on the work of Sydney Banks. Using these 2 systems she is now supporting people as a stress-management coach and her mission in life is to lead people into that space of inner peace beneath the chatter of the mind where they can access the enormous power and clarity of who they really are.

I like that mission so much I may copy some of it for my mission statement. I’m sure she’d be happy to share. You can contact Mary Howick on LinkedIn and Facebook.