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Dec 23, 2023

In today's episode, I have the pleasure of having a conversation with Michael Rubino, the founder of Home Cleanse and Change the Air Foundation. We had an eye-opening discussion about the impact of indoor air quality on our health, especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Michael shared his expertise on the significance of dust testing for assessing indoor air quality and the potential dangers that may be lurking in our homes.


Join us as we explore practical solutions, legislative advocacy, and the crucial steps we can take to ensure healthier living environments. This episode is packed with valuable insights and real-life stories that highlight the importance of protecting our homes and well-being. Get ready for an enlightening conversation on air purification, HVAC systems, and the proactive measures we can implement to improve indoor air quality.


Contact Michael at any of the following sites: (personal website if people want to learn more about me, book a consultation, etc). (service based website for total home solutions on improving air quality) (non-profit helping provide accessibility to better air quality) (at-home testing website to get DNA analysis of the dust inside your home)