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Mar 22, 2022

Brian Gryn is an intermittent fasting expert, wellness coach, author, human movement specialist, and host of the Get Lean Eat Clean Podcast.

What began for Brian as a personal exploration into fasting has turned into a thriving business, helping middle-aged men make intermittent fasting simple and doable. Through his Integrative Institute of Nutrition education and 10 years of group training/coaching, Brian learned that eating is integral in helping the body heal itself and all it takes are some small daily changes to make the biggest impact. 

Brian has also developed a program, the Fat Burner Blueprint Program, that focuses on nutrition, meal timing, stress management, sleeping like a superhero, and micro-workouts. He is also the author of The Simple Intermittent Fasting Journal and creator of The Intermittent Fasting Certification Course.

You can find more info about Brian at his website -