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Nov 18, 2019

Lynette Sorrentino is a coach and mentor who describes herself as a woman on a hunt doing everything she can to fight the aging process. After several personal battles with her own health she's now on a mission to help other women who may be experiencing some of the same things.

I was very excited to sit down and talk with Lynette as we are both very interested in learning how to take control of and improve our health.

We covered quite a few different areas of health during our talk including: 

  • Self-care and being your own health advocate
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Gut health and the Gut-Brain connection
  • Stress and its effect 

It's a very interesting interview and you'll learn a lot about both of us in the 30+ minute interview.

For more information you can contact Lynette at either of the following websites: