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Dec 9, 2023

Today I’m talking with Marvin Keyser about his life-saving experience with RecoveryPlus, an in-home remote rehab and personalized care program. For my long-time listeners you may remember my podcast with Tim Bilbrey, one of the founders of RecoveryPlus. My conversation with Marvin gives us a different, more personal, view of the RecoveryPlus Program. We talk about how they support and work with patients to rehab and recuperate more easily, faster, and successfully than being in a hospital setting.


Marvin tells us about his journey starting with heart surgery, diabetes and COPD health challenges, to his discovery of Recovery Plus where he was trained to breathe properly and regain control of his health. His determination and perseverance has allowed him to take charge of his recovery and he continues to inspire others to do the same. His story is a true success story!


To learn more about RecoveryPlus go to their website: