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Criminal Records Podcast

Jun 4, 2020

This week, we cover one of the most shameful war crimes in American history--and the shockingly light sentence of the only man successfully convicted for it. What happens when business tactics are applied to warfare? Why did it take so long for William Calley's crimes to come to light? And why did so many Americans, including the president, believe he was justified in murdering hundreds of civilians?

Content notes: This episode is about a war crime trial involving firing on unarmed civilians, mass murder including the murder of children, and sexual assault. We don't go into gory details, but even a dry recounting of the facts may be distressing.

Show notes, sources, and information about places to donate to bail funds at this link (note: While we've decided not to post photos of the victims during and after the massacre on this page, there are some photographs of soldiers burning houses that may be disturbing)