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Dec 21, 2021

Jack Murphy sits down with John Gibbs, former Trump staffer under Dr. Ben Carson, now running for Congress to represent Michigan's 3rd District.

They discuss his beginnings working for Apple and as a missionary in Japan, how he joined the Trump administration, how to actually help lift people out of poverty, and why...

Dec 15, 2021

Jack Murphy sits down with Thomas G. West, author of The Political Theory of the American Founding and professor of politics at Hillsdale College.

They discuss how the founders understood a system of government must be tailored for the people, how they would not have allowed government dependents to vote, how victimhood...

Dec 10, 2021

Jack Murphy sits down with European fine art sculptor Fen de Villiers, based in Antwerp, Belgium.

They dive into the distortion of modern art toward leftist political ends, how revitalizing art can lift us out of this spiritual dark age, how dissenting artists must unite and take a stand, and much more.

Fen de...

Dec 7, 2021

Jack Murphy brings on pseudonymous writer and cultural critic Indian Bronson.

They discuss the rise of pseudonymous culture, how automation will affect our world, the NFT phenomenon, and his role at the crypto payment infrastructure start-up, Swype.

Indian Bronson
Pseudonymous Writer and Cultural Critic
Twitter: @...

Dec 2, 2021

Jack Murphy welcomes back Aleksandr Dugin, prolific philosopher and author of The Great Awakening vs. The Great Reset.

They discuss the concept of returning to a more sacred, organic way of life, Universalism versus Multi-polarity, and how disparate forces must align to combat the Globalist tyrannical...