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Mar 29, 2021

The one and only Mike Cernovich and Jack Murphy sit down for a long over-due conversation on fatherhood, family, masculinity, life, God, and more. Don't miss this one!

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​Jack Murphy's Book, "Democrat To Deplorable," Now Available...

Mar 22, 2021

Jack Murphy talks with all stars Dr. Karlyn Borysenko, Corey DeAngelis, and Christopher Rufo, taking aim at the education front of the Culture War. They dive into the Critical Race Theory warriors, teachers unions, and how the public feels about the current state of education in the US.

FRIDAY SESSIONS: The best guests,...

Mar 15, 2021

Did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 kill the Constitution? Are we headed for an insurmountable conflict due to dueling governing documents? What were the negative repercussions of the 60's? Are we all better or worse for the 'revolution?'

Christopher Caldwell, author of "The Age of Entitlement," explains it all on Jack...

Mar 13, 2021

Jack Murphy and Arthur Milikh discuss how to build a new conservatism, the desecration of masculinity, and how to empower states to buck tyranny.

Arthur Milikh is the executive director of the Claremont Institute's new Center for the American Way of Life. Learn more at

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​Jack Murphy's Book,...

Mar 13, 2021

Dave Rubin and Jack Murphy talk about the art of conversation, Gina Carano's cancellation, the future of media and journalism, the rift in the Intellectual Dark Web, and what it's like on the other side of a Democrat to Deplorable transformation.

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