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Apr 26, 2021

Jack Murphy sits down with former Trump administration staffers  Darren J. Beattie and Amanda Milius to peer behind the White House veil.

They share their honest opinions on Trump himself, insider baseball on the executive branch, how we can strive for liberty, and the use of narrative warfare.

Amanda Milius

Apr 13, 2021

Jack Murphy speaks with author Michael Lind, who breaks down a critical aspect to understanding the battle for America: the New Class War.

Lind argues that managerial, blue-check marked elites dominate our institutions, disempowering the working class, and place political wedges between us all.

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Apr 5, 2021

Jack Murphy brings together philosophical titans Michael Anton and Curtis Yarvin to explore fundamental questions about America's future in the flow of history. If we fall to the techno corporate fascists, is there still hope for the West?

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