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Aug 30, 2021

Jack Murphy speaks with scientist Joe Norman on how modernity has compromised the human spirit, using complexity science to navigate a blurry world, and how to harness the network power of men.

Joe Norman
Founder | Applied Complexity Science
Twitter: @ normonics


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Aug 23, 2021

Jack Murphy speaks with James Lindsay and Christopher Rufo on their incredibly effective work against CRT, the draconian vaccine mandates, how libertarians unwittingly enable leftist tyranny, and the need for a new, common American sensibility.

James Lindsay
Founder | New Discourses
Twitter: @...

Aug 16, 2021

Jack Murphy speaks with Larry Schweikart, renowned history professor and author, to explain the four pillars that made America great, how to cut through the leftist distortions of history, and the need for patriotic education.

Larry Schweikart
Historian | Wild World of History
Twitter: @ history_wild



Aug 9, 2021

Jack Murphy sits down with Spencer Klavan and Michael Millerman for an epic conversation on the virtues that define masculinity, the role of philosophy in manhood, and how to fight back against the globalist attempts to stomp out men.

Spencer Klavan
Associate Editor | Claremont Institute
Twitter: @SpencerKlavan


Aug 2, 2021

Jack Murphy interviews Ian Prior, executive director of Fight For Schools and former DOJ official, who is on the ground in Loudoun County, Virginia, as one of the nation's leaders in the fight against CRT in education.

Ian Prior
Executive Director | Fight For Schools
Twitter: @ IanDPrior


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