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Nov 30, 2021

Jack Murphy interviews the legendary Adam Curry, aka the "Podfather," co-host of the No Agenda show, former MTV personality, entrepreneur, and Bitcoin maximalist.

They discuss the evolution of the podcasting medium, how Adam is working to transform it with crypto and Web3 integration, how society becomes hypnotized,...

Nov 16, 2021

Jack Murphy welcomes back Bo Winegard, a social scientist who was cancelled in 2020 for daring to talk about race and biology.

They dive into whether human nature has fundamentally changed over thousands of years, the dogma surrounding discussion about population differences, and how civilization can balance...

Nov 11, 2021

Jack Murphy interviews Raw Egg Nationalist, author of the underground hit cookbook Raw Egg Nationalism and editor of Man's World journal.

They discuss the rise of spiritual praise for obesity, the stereotypes preventing men from bonding, how food has become political, and how raw eggs represent the antithesis of...