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Dead Rabbit Radio The Daily Paranormal Podcast

Jun 10, 2024

Children and ghosts/Are vampires attacking Canadians?

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EP 241 - 1st Anniversary Special! (Blue Boy Personal Story episode)

EP 164 - My Haunted Apartment (Purple Man On My Couch episode)

EP 1260 - The Misery Makers (Black Hand Attacking Young Girl story)

EP 1095 - The Man On The Porch (Grandpa Ghost On Porch episode)

Parents of reddit, what is the creepiest thing your child has said to you? (Little Girl Flu Sees Blue Girl On Slide story)

Parents of reddit, what is the creepiest thing your child has said to you? (Little Girl Sees Suicide Victims Under Overpass story)

Vampire Coven Stalking my Church


Canadian Government giving Unvaxxed People's locations to Vampire Covens?


Gotta Leave Canada soon



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