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Dec 11, 2020

In This weeks epsidode…


Mr. Styles and Prez are Back on their B.S., getting ready for the holidays ,ducking Covid , and try to get ready for another lock down. 

Ear To The Streets (5:58) 

  • Rudy Giuliani and Tom Wolf get The V-I-D
  • New Yeezys
  • Who Producing Pusha T next album
  • Mz London airs out Lil Baby
  • Meek Mill only gave 20
  • U.S Gov sues Facebook
  • Twista vs Gabby
  • Texas Vs Pa

Weed News (44:34)

  • GOP Lawmaker Files Complaint Over Democrat’s Marijuana Mask Worn During House Legalization 
  • Leafly flavor of the year
  • Top 3 weed stocks to buy right now 

Flavor Of The Week :


Question Of The Day (47:08)

Cancel Culture Should We Cancel People  

WTF Is Them People Doing (52:21) 

This week some Karren Goes on a to a Black man house and ask him to stop acting black 

Real Sports (57:42)

  • Steelers lose to the football team
  • Kyrie diss Lebron, Lebron hurt
  • Harden open to 76ers, Nets Heat Bucks
  • Lebron say he won 2 hardest final in NBA history
  • Lebron Times  athlelete of year
  • Paul George signs max deal for 226 million 5 years
  • Pau wants to come back
  • Floyd may weather vs Logan Paul

Top 10 Countdown (1:25)

This week we countdown our Top 10 favorite Christmas movies

Reviews (1:33)

No Ceilings 3

Faded And X-Rated (1:42)

Is Cyber sex with no Plans to meet Cheating ?

Outro (1:55)

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