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Aug 5, 2022

Mr.Styles, Prez , K-Dub are back with a new episode. Roll up and come join us for all your Hip-hop news and laughs. We got all your favorite segments and some new ones. Ear to the Street  Will Smith Addresses Chris Rock o Prison guard sold key to females inmates cells  Beyoncé new album,changed lyrics, switched Kelice sample Monica Lewinsky ass Beyoncé to change  Mickey d employee Killed over cold fries  Wiz Khalfia goes off on dj  A California OBGYN is planning to build a floating abortion clinic on federal waters free from state restrictions  Forever young, beautiful and scandal-free: The rise of South Korea's virtual influencers  Lil dirk hurt on stage  Dirk says hotter then ye in streets  D-rock from ying yang passed out Big ups Happy Birthdays Flavor of the week Axemosphere 24% thc hybred Weed News Burner makes cover of Forbes first cannabis millionaire 5 blunt of Reggie 5 Blunts of Kush Question of the day If a women is flewed out does she have to give it up ? And if she doesn’t is it fair to cancel the hotel and return flight !! WTf white people doing Real nigga sports Rick flair last match  Desaun Watson suspended Tiger woods turns down what ?  Iman shumpert arrested Real Nigga top 10 top Niggaz is you Stoopid  Blue face •Mystical arrested Get fit stay lit The Lounge Lit List Who ya wit Oval Office Faded b X-rated F- u Fridays