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Apr 9, 2021

Mr. Styles, Prez & K.Dub take it back to the streets

Ear To The Streetz
1. DMX OD in hospital brain dead also has covid 19
2. Isley brothers vs earth wind and fire verzuz hosted by Steve Harvey' Over the weekend, People mad he played R.Kelly songs ,Ron Isley connected with Dr. Dre in the studio,
3. A woman took her anger out on the Burger King drive-thru window 
4. 2 Girls kill uber driver trying to car jack 
5.YG's "Meet The Flockers" has returned to YouTube, censored version. song from 2014 (“First: You find a house and scope it out/Find a Chinese neighborhood/‘Cause they don’t believe in bank accounts”)
6. 7-Year-Old Boy Facing Rape Charges in Upstate New York
7. Baby Born With Three Penises Marks First Reported Case of Triphallia in Humans
8. Lil Wayne forgets he spit that fire (video)
9. Cam drink champs
10. Rick Ross Says A Joint Album With Him & Drake Is ‘Under Serious Consideration’.
11. Young Jeezy married
12. Yung jock fake beard (pic)
Flavor of the week
28% thc Monkey Breath is an indica dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa) that can packs a heavy high with smoker experience for all levels
• New York legalizes recreational marijuana, expunges former pot convictions
• 2 Chainz puts N.O.R.E. onto cotton candy grapes on Jay-Z's Monogram's "High Tales" series.
• University in Michigan Announces Groundbreaking Cannabis Chemistry Scholarship

5 blunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie
One hit wonders hip hop
 my throat

Question of the day
Should there be a vaccine passport to get in to large events and travel ??

Wtf white people doing now
Bus Driver Says Nigger
Real Nigga Sports
• Baylor beats zags in final 4
• Rajon Rondo to clipers
• Paul Pierce Went on IG Live In a Room Full of Strippers, Fans React Paul pierce fored from ESPN (pics)
• bruce Lee's family LOVES that Steph Curryrocked a special pair of sneakers to honor the legend during Sunday's game ... especially since he's going to auction them off for a good cause. (pics)
• TAMPA BAY BUCS Carlton Davis uses racial slur GOOK
• Nike suspends sponsorship of Deshaun Watson amid sexual assault allegations
• The MLB has just suspended Nick Castellanos because the Reds star flexed in a pitcher's face on Saturday.
• MLB move all star game out of oh Atlanta admist new voting laws
• Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier will be back at it this summer. ROUND 3
(I don’t know what these niggaz are saying !!! )
1.V.S.A 2.Bakin-Cakes
Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down Season 2 Week 29
(top 10 dmx songs)

Best Of The Best 

1.Space Jam Trailer drops
3. Godzilla VS Kong earned $27.9 million in three days after an $11.6 million Friday at 3,064 locations. The 5-day projection for the Warner Bros. movie is $42
• Production begins soon on Obi-Wan Kenobi, a special event series coming to #DisneyPlus.
THE Falcon and winter solder
Faded & X-Rated

Hey dudes what’s up thanks for taking my question !! I’m gonna get right to the point So it finally happen , not that I wanted it to . I was having sex with my girlfriend this past weekend , everything was going normal . We started we a lil foreplay kissing the usual.  So she sits on my face , we have done this at least 100 times over the years . So I’m going to munch town and she said she was getting close . As I begin to speed up the Pace a little bit she says she is bout to cum , next thing I k know I had all kinds of liquid running up my nose . She I guess she squirted something we both didn’t know she could do . Now I heard that was pee , so did she just pee in my face ? 

Oval Office

Fuck You Friday's