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Nov 12, 2021

Thanks for coming to The Lounge !! Please give stream yard permission so if you join the chat we will know who you are ! You can follow along with the show in the description down below . Pour you u drink Light You a Blunt and Lets Vibe Got Damn IITTT Question of the day will be around 8:15 you can call in 724 400 3976 Ear To The Streetz • Travis Scott • Lil naw d fan confronts rapper • Travis Scott • Vin disel wants the rock that • Kanye drink champs ,sigining big sean was the worse • Ye owe beanie money • Ye squash drake beef to help larry hoover • Dame dash working on paid off n full 2 after Alpo death • Kardashians edit travis scottt out of netflix show • Top paid athletes • Man pulls gun in church • Jayz deletes instagram after 24 hours • Joe budden comes out as bi • Vin disel sends the rock a message Scotty pippen diss mikes flyer game Golden penis Syndrome . Kim Kardashian Says North West Calls Their House “So Ugly” When She Gets Upset After They Have A Disagreement Happy Birthday Warren g Big pun diplo Flavor of the week(pic) Brownie scout #3 thc 28% Brownie Scout is a potent indica-hybridmarijuana strain made by crossing Platinum Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) with Kosher Kush. Brownie Scout is a sweet treat that tastes like chocolate and smells a little skunky when smoked. Brownie Scout is thought to be one of the strongest strains you can smoke, which means anyone with a low THC tolerance should be cautious when trying this strain WEED NEWS 5 blunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie • Drake throws million dollar strip club • Big bird get vax • The rock rapping • Dame dash working on paid off n full 2 after Alpo death • Maevel eternals banned in gulf nations over gay heros • Congress declares november hip hop month Question of the day Is Travis Scott to blame for astroworld tragedy • Wtf white people doing • Man stuck in wall • Women throws soup in face Real Nigga Sports • Steelers win close game • Howard stern diss Arron rodgers should be kicked out of league • Obj released • Robert sarver used n word while talkin about drymond green • Naomi osaka plans return Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down (Top 10 Artist Of All Time , Movies ,Cookies, shoes ) Nigga Is You Stoopid Get Fit Stay Lit • Work out of the Week -- • I just Started Trans-work again 6 week program • Bod Beachbody on demand - Shaun T- make sure ya join dig deeper nation The Lounge Lit List Music: 2 chains tru religion Anniversary edition Movies : the harder they fall produced by Sean Carter Shows : the dark side of the ring Faded n X-Rated Oval Office F-U's We Are trying to get better please take a quick moment to fill out the survery and help us out As I Mentioned earlier make sure you go to the Walmart of weed accessories and get 10% off now Got damn itt!!! from Cbd, Delta 8,Grinders,papers all of your $20 needs. Use this link for 10% off tsl_420 Get your merch at Make Sure You get your very own Smokus focus !!! use this link to get 15% off or use the coupon code tsl_420