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Oct 29, 2021

Thanks for coming to The Lounge !! Please give stream yard permission so if you join the chat we will know who you are ! You can follow along with the show in the description down below . Pour you u drink Light You a Blunt and Lets Vibe Got Damn IITTT Question of the day will be around 8:15 you can call in 724 400 3976 Ear To The Streetz • Fight at lit asf tour • Mr styles the HERO • Lil Nas X trolls Boosie • Bossie goes off • Best Halloween moments / costume • Nore claims hottest rapper in 98 • Fake drake / sisco advice • Richard Jefferson • Beast mode cussin/ Payton sorry • Facebook changing name • Update man arrested for train rape • Pablo Escobar coacaine hippos legally people • Lil dirk bounce YouTube removes 120000 sexually videos with kids first 6 months of 2012 • Floyd wont take pic • Mac miller drug dealer pleads guilty • Michael Myers a homophobe • Fight at dog show • Nba youngboy free Happy Birthday K-DUB Flavor of the week(pic) COOKIES N CHEM WEED NEWS 5 blunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie Question of the day can black people be racist ? Wtf white people doing • Man kills over cat • Dad shots father over guatar Real Nigga Sports Tom Brady Throws 600 td mike evans gives ball away Mike tyson to fight logan paul 2021 Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down (top 10 scary /Halloween movies ) Nigga Is You Stoopid • Fight at dog show Get Fit Stay Lit • Work out of the Week -- • I just Started Trans-work again 6 week program • Bod Beachbody on demand - Shaun T- make sure ya join dig deeper nation The Lounge Lit List Music: Who Want Smoke ? Nardo Movies : freddy vs jason tales from the hood Shows: The Movies that Made us #Furiousthoughts Faded n X-Rated oval office F-U



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