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Mar 19, 2021

Mr.Styles and Prez Bringing you the heat

Ear To The Street
1. Stimulus Money bag Joe comes thru !!!!
2. Grammy's Megan Thee Stallion won the Grammy Award for best new artist, and also for best rap performance and best rap song for “Savage,” which features Beyoncé. The four awards Beyoncé won Sunday brought her lifetime total to 28 Grammys — more than any other woman, , Lil Wayne: 'Fuk the Grammys', the weekend says are rigged boycotting every year meg says not fake
3. Kirk Franklin break foot in ass( Play Audio) (Jokes )
4. Vatican Says Catholic Church Can't Bless Same-Sex Unions, Calls Them 'Sin'
5. Marvel Comics Announces Gay Teen Captain America as Part of New Series
6. City of Minneapolis reaches $27M settlement with George Floyd's family
7. Cardi B and Fans Are Unfazed by Candace Owens’ Latest Attack on “WAP” compares wap to pe pe le pew
8. Netflix Testing Feature to Potentially Crack Down on Password-Sharing
9. Drake Earns Historic Debut With 'Scary Hours 2' Tracks in Top Three Spots on Billboard Hot 100
10. Michael B. Jordan Confirmed as Director for 'Creed III,' Official Release Date Set
11. New Toys 'R' Us Owner Plans to Reopen Stores in U.S.

Flavor Of The Week

Weed news 

• Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts Claims Marijuana Legalization Will ‘Kill Your
• Mexico legeal weed
Beat mode launhes dobiblunt cannabis brand doobi blunts 

5 blunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie

Question Of The Day
⦁ Is drake the best to ever do it ?

Wtf White People -- (Play Video)
• HS Basketball Announcer Apologizes for N-Word Comments, Blames Diabetes

  • Real Nigga Sports
    New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees retires from NFL after 20 seasons
    • DREW BREES INKS HUGE DEAL WITH NBC SPORTS To Cover NFL, College Football, Olympics
    • Pats sign Cam 1 year deal
    • Melvin Gordon drunk driving
    • Sexual assault is being filed against Deshaun Watson, per FOX 26 Houston, Watson has released a statement denying the allegations
    • Titians sign bud Dupree
    • Gronk has re-signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a deal worth up to $10 million!!! Tom Brady signed til 45
    • Patrick Ewing Says He's Been 'Accosted' by MSG Security: 'Is My Number in the Rafters or What?'
    • Ad out 3 weeks
    • Lebron part owner of Boston red socks
    • It's all over for Duke the school announced its 2020-21 season is OVER thanks to COVID -- thus ending the school's streak of 24 consecutive NCAA tournament appearances.
    • Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has just signed a bill that will ban transgender athletes from competing in women's sports . insisting the future law will help keep competition fair.

Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down
Season 2 Week 26 (top 10 Drake songs )

Faded & X-Rated 

It’s goes down in the lounge lol ! I don’t know if I have a problem or what. So my girls thing is she likes to use fruit , I mean All kinds bananas, oranges, egg plants, cucumbers, strawberries, and  grapes. Now at first I thought wow this is so amazing but the longer and longer we bring fruit out in the bedroom it’s harder for me to stay turned on! If I see one more damn kiwi on my night stand I might lose it . If it was just something we do on occasions or every now and then I would be fine but she needs a piece of fruit every single time. I’m going crazy. Guys I know you’ve helped people before any suggestions? Thanks in Advance

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