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Oct 15, 2021

Thanks for coming to The Lounge !! Please give stream yard permission so if you join the chat we will know who you are ! You can follow along with the show in the description down below . Pour you u drink Light You a Blunt and Lets Vibe Got Damn IITTT Question of the day will be around 8:15 you can call in 724 400 3976 Ear to the Streetz •Jon Gruden •North Carolina Teacher Resigns After Telling Black Students They Would be 'Field Slaves' Without the Constitution •bI sexual superman •Kodak black feels mom butt •DJ Akademiks Intensifies Meek Mill Feud: "Drake Ain't Never Paid For A Post" Does this man have a point bout the album artwork •Tyson furry says n-word •R.kelly album sales up 500% •Hitman holla girlfriend shot in head •Netflix fire 3 trans workers who barged in meeting stand behind dave chappelle •Student has sex with teacher says wasn’t rape Flavor of the week Gelato 33 5 blunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie •Lamello ball shoes •Fat joe says da baby id this gens 2 pac •New pepsi flavor •South rappers debut albums Question of the day Are words like racist, transphobic and homophobic ? Wtf white people doing Demi lovato Crazy country singer Real Nigga Sports Tyson -furry Steelers win Browns being the browns Kyrie can’t play or practice Ben Simmons back in Philly Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down (top 10 down south rappers ) Nigga Is You Stoopid Man drives in court on zoom call gets jazzy wit judge Get Fit Stay Lit •Work out of the Week -- •I just Started Trans-work again 6 week program • Bod Beachbody on demand - Shaun T- make sure ya join dig deeper nation The Lounge Lit List Music: lil wayne rich the kid trust babies Movies : spell Faded & x-rated Oval Office Fu We Are trying to get better please take a quick moment to fill out the survery and help us out As I Mentioned earlier make sure you go to the Walmart of weed accessories and get 10% off now Got damn itt!!! from Cbd, Delta 8,Grinders,papers all of your $20 needs. Use this link for 10% off tsl_420 Get your merch at Make Sure You get your very own Smokus focus !!! use this link to get 15% off or use the coupon code tsl_420