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Feb 26, 2021

Mr.Styles & Prez Back in Action 

Ear To The Streets

  • Jay-z and  Hennessey partnership sold 50% ace of spades, Bobby Smurda out ,Mac out ,Vanessa Bryant Calls Out Meek Mill Over 'Insensitive' Kobe Line: 'This Lacks Respect and Tact', Taco Bell Entering The #ChickenSandwichWars With New Chicken Sandwich Taco ,Debris From A United Airlines Plane Falls Into A Local Denver Community After The Plane Experiences Engine Failure, Kim Jayne divorce ,Disney movie Out , Wife of ‘El Chapo’ Arrested in Virginia on International Drug Trafficking Charges, Disney+ Adds Disclaimer to ‘The Muppet Show,’ Warns It Contains 'Offensive Content', The Simpsons' Will Now Have a Black Actor Voice the Character of Dr. Hibbert,  Idris Elba Reveals He Has New Music Coming With Megan Thee Stallion ,Rug Rats reboot on paramount plus with original voices ,Ohio Authorities Seize 44 Pounds of Corn Flakes Covered in Cocaine.

Flavor Of The Week : Grease Monkey 

Weed News : Top 5 Strains out right now,New Jersey Legeal weed

5 Blunts : Soul Food 

Question Of The Day ; Did Martin Luther Kings Dream Come True

Top 10 Real Countdown Top 10 Black Athletes Of All time 

Plus the segments, Real Sports,Oval Office,Fadded & X-Rated and F-U Fridays