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Jul 9, 2021

Ear To the Streetz  1:32

  1. Bill Cosby Free
  2. Surf side condos collapse
  3. Sha'Carri Richardson 
  4. Juneteenth officially made a holiday.
  5. Versus Soulja boy vs Bow Wow & Bobby Brown vs Keith Sweat
  6. Donald Trump to sue Facebook.
  7. 'F9' Set to Become First U.S. Movie Since 2019 to Hit $500M at Global Box Office(pic)
  8. Joey Chestnut Wins Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest by Consuming a Record 76 Franks
  9. Chicken sandwich Burger King, KFC, Popeyes, Chic Fila, Wendy’s ,

 Flavor of the week 25:08

Kosher Kush (pic)


Sniff able weed

Mike Epps has own strain Day Day by cookie

 Top 5 summer strains

  1. Strawberries and cream
  2. Chappo churros
  3. Og kush breathe.
  4. Stuffed French toast (rapper b-real strain)
  5. Faceoff Og

5 Bunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie 30:49

Fair Food

  1. Deep fried Oreos
  2. Fired chicken in waffle cone.
  3. Ribs
  4. Funnel cake
  5. Corn dogs
  6. Cookie in a cone
  7. Deep fried Cheesecake
  8. Cookie fries
  9. triple cheeseburger Donut dog
  10. Cheese fries

Question of the day 37:51

Even Though Sha’Carri Richardson was wrong to smoke did she deserve to be banned twice and could the rules not have been bent like for Laurel Hubbard

Wtf white people doing now 44:42

Edward Mathews

 Real Nigga Sports 48:52

  1. Suns vs bucks
  2. NCAA letting athletes get paid
  3. Reggie bush wants Heisman back
  4. Chauncey billiups hired by blazers
  5. Scotty Pippen calls Phil Jackson a racist
  6. Jason kid hired by Dallas
  7. Laurel Hubbad
  8. Gwen berry

(I don’t know what these niggaz are saying !!! ) /1:01:09

Bussin bussin

Wipe a nigga nose.

Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down 1:03:43

Season 3- Week 1 Top Debut Albums of all time

Get Fit Stay Lit 1:10:08

  • Work out of the week The Work week 1 Push
  • I’m currently doing The Work /T20 hybrid
  • 645 Amolia Ceaser new program just dropped this week

Faded X-Rated 1:11:20

Oval office 1:18:32

F*&k You's  1:24:15

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