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Jul 23, 2021

Ear To The Streetz

  1.  Jeff Bezos make history with spaceflight (pic)
  2. space jam pulled in 31.65 million took #1 spot beat black widow
  3. Biz Markie died rip Keisha Cole’s mom (pic)
  4. possible new Kanye this week
  5. Oregon wild fires
  6. women fired after photo shoot with fiancé goes viral (pics)
  7. internet outrage over wedding topper(pics)
  8. Lil Durk and India Cox shot at invaders in their home
  9. Sopranos paid tony 3 million not to take roll on office which paid 4 million
  10. shout out to Cuba
  11. Check out Texas Passes New Bill That Drops Requirement to Teach That KKK Is "Morally Wrong" -
  12. Scarface said he had Nas rewrite verse cause of Jay-Z diss
  13. Pop Smoke New album and B-Day

Happy Birthdays (pics)

 Pop Smoke 21

Vin diesel 54

Andre Royo  52

Flavor of the week

Sour Durban  aka Sour Poison 15% thc Sour Poison is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Sour Diesel and Durban Poison genetics


Americans on pace to spend twice as much on weed as on milk


5 blunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie

  1. Budweiser biggie can (pic)
  2. 2 more game of thrones animated spin offs in the works
  3. Popeyes bout to drop chicken nuggets
  4. MTVs cribs to return with episodes of Rick Ross and Big Sean
  5. Dc black Adam has finished filming with The Rock
  6. Kobe Bryant shoes coming back kobe 1 called crazy 1 eqt elevation called crazy 97 eqt (pic)
  7. Netflix to add video gaming
  8. 2 chains done with rap music (pic)

Question of the day

Should the Olympics be canceled?

Wtf white people doing now

White man beats kid with belt


Real Nigga Sports

  1. Megan first rapper on cover of sports illustrated (pic)
  2. Naomi Osaka Calls Out Megyn Kelly Over Inflammatory Tweet Aimed At Her: “Do Better”
  3. Bucks Win the NBA Title 4 games in a row
  4. Verdugo hit at Yankees game with ball
  5. John Cena Makes return
  6. Shout out T.J watt on engagement spent &100k
  7. Washington Nationals Game Postponed After Shooting Outside Stadium
  8. Steelers pick up Melvin Ingram
  9. Arron Rodgers turns down deal to b highest paid qb
  10. Bucs visit White House (pic)
  11. Tyson fury fight delayed because of covid Donte wilder lady says he is ducking him
  12. LeBron James Admits to Smuggling Bottle Of Tequila Into Arena During Game 5 Of The NBA Finals (pic)
  13. Olympics cardboard beds so people can’t have sex(pics)
  • Chris Brown wins championship diss Quavo (audio)


I don’t know what these Niggaz are saying !!! )

Yeet Zaddy

Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down 

Season 3  Week 3 Top 10 NBA Champions

Nigga Is You Stoopid

1.Oklahoma Woman Arrested After Commenting On Her Own Wanted Poster (pic)


Get Fit Stay Lit

  • work out of the week Week 1 T-20 faster
  • Im currently doing the work t20 hybred
  • 645 amolia ceaser new program jusr dropped ths week
  • Bod beachbody on demand - shaun t - make sure ya join dig deeper nation



Da Lounge List Of The Week


  • Dj Khaled Every chance I get ft Lil Baby and Lil Dirk


  • Sapce Jam , Forever Purge


  • Sex Life on Netflix


Faded And X-Rated (insert)


Oval Office


F-U’s (insert)






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Closing statement

Keep ya head up, you cant see shit looking down !!!!










Faded and X-Rated

Season 3 episode 3

 What’s up everyone! Hope all is well; I really miss k-dub lobe to head a women’s Perspective

Any way I am a 30-year-old single mom of one, I don’t really have time to date so I use a lot of online services. So, I met a guy on tender we planned a met up. I did not want him to know where I lived so we planned to meet at the restaurant. The reservations were made and when I got there, I was just supposed to say my name and they would take me to my table. So, I followed instructions when I got there said my name and they took me to my table! When I got to the table, I was so shocked and surprised! I had been cat fished!! But this just was not no ordinary catfish I knew the man. And here is the kicker it was my pastor of my church. No, I was using my real pictures, so he had to know it was me. My pastor is married, and I know his wife. But I was there, and I was hungry, so I figure what kind a little dinner hurt. No nothing sexual happened but he did ask me on another day and asked me not to tell any member of the congregation. Also don’t know what to do any help would be greatly appreciated