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Feb 19, 2021

Mr. Styles And Prez Back like I left my keys....

Ear To the Street

 Lauren hill goes diamond ,The  rock new sitcom young rock ,Meghan Markle To Be ‘Completely Stripped’ From Royal Privileges Before ‘Tell-All’ Interview With Oprah Winfrey, Snow  storm in Texas ,69 and meek exchange words ,Donald Trump Acquitted again, Emoji Updates for Apple’s iOS 14.5 Revealed ,Charges Against White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Birdwatcher Dismissed, D’Angelo versus friends ,Nicki Minaj dad killed in hit  and run ,Kevin Hart's Personal Shopper Accused of Stealing Over $1 Million From Comedian, Black GOP Candidate Promises to Cancel Black History Month in Michigan If Elected Austin Chenge, Da baby says charges Da baby says 300k for verse ,Meek mill under fire   “And if I ever lack I’m going out with my choppa it be another Kobe.

Weed News- Fryday Kush by Ice Cube 

Flavor Of The Week - Vanila Kush 

5 Blunts Of Kush- Munchies Editon Candy Bars 

Question Of The Day - Is Russel Wilson Soft?

Wtf  They Doing - Tim Boyd

Real sports-- LeBron James Says 'I Would Have Made the Team' If He Accepted Cowboys or Seahawks Tryout During Lockout,LeBron get dope painting of Nipsey and Kobe , Also wants to release a album won’t be rap tho ,Serena Williams cries at the laws to Make Osaka ,Carson Wentz trade it to Indy,The weekend get super boring for also performance LOL, Production For Colin Kaepernick's NewNetflix Series Reportedly Threatened by Proud Boys, Ap says he wants to plat til 40

Top 10 Real Countdown - Top 10 Black Movies of All Time 

Plus the Segments Oval Office, Faded And X-Rated ,F-U Friday