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Oct 22, 2021

Thanks for coming to The Lounge !! Please give stream yard permission so if you join the chat we will know who you are ! You can follow along with the show in the description down below . Pour you u drink Light You a Blunt and Lets Vibe Got Damn IITTT Question of the day will be around 8:15 you can call in 724 400 3976 Ear To The Streetz • Collin Powel dies has vac • Donald trump disses • Philadelphia City Council Approves Bill To Ban Police From Making Minor Traffic Stops • Lizzo dress • Teacher gives kids weed • Bdk vs Krs one • Kanye changes name • Facebook plans to change its name • Drake no longer follows Kanye West on Instagram after five years of following him. • Philadelphia City Council Approves Bill To Ban Police From Making Minor Traffic Stops • Subway artist wants signed to dream chasers • Passengers watched as a woman raped on a train in Philadelphia • Da baby falls • Pat mahomes brother dances on shaun Taylor number • Kim Kardashian Says North West Calls Their House “So Ugly” When She Gets Upset After They Have A Disagreement • Howard Stern called out Kyrie Irving for refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Biggest idiot in the us • Chris brown says Kyrie is a hero .Happy Birthday's Flavor of the week Pie WEED NEWS • Rick Ross and the CEO of Rap Scacks are partnering for a new company.Rick Ross is partnering with Rap Snacks’ CEO and Founder James Lindsay for a new company, Hemp Hop Smokeables • Snoop helped the cannabis company "Dutchie" double their valuation. Leafs by snoop worth 3.5 billions 5 blunts of Kush 5 blunts of Reggie Question of the day Should White 1people be able to say nigga if its in the song lyrics ? Wtf white people doing Real Nigga Sports • Steelers win in ot • Aaron Rodgers told Bears fans that he "still owns" them after his game-winning touchdown. • Lamar Jackson passed Dan Marino for the most wins by a quarterback under the age of 25. • DK Metcalf didn't like Shannon Sharpe • Lakers lose to warriors • A new Morning Consult poll shows that Simmons and Kyrie are the most disliked players in the NBA. • Kobe Bryant's legacy will live on in the form of media, clothes, trading cards and more ... with Vanessa Bryant filing to trademark "KB24" to create a sports and entertainment empire surrounding her late husband's name. Real Nigga Top 10 Count Down (top bssketball players of all time ) Nigga Is You Stoopid Man drives in court on zoom call gets jazzy wit judge Get Fit Stay Lit The Lounge Lit List Music: Badazz Mo 3 Movies : Halloween Kills Shows:Squid Games Oval Office Faded m X-Rated Fu's We Are trying to get better please take a quick moment to fill out the survery and help us out As I Mentioned earlier make sure you go to the Walmart of weed accessories and get 10% off now Got damn itt!!! from Cbd, Delta 8,Grinders,papers all of your $20 needs. Use this link for 10% off tsl_420 Get your merch at Make Sure You get your very own Smokus focus !!! use this link to get 15% off or use the coupon code tsl_420