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Feb 12, 2021

Mr. Styles , Prez and K-Dub Jump right into it !!!!!

Ear To The Street 

The weekend performance, Commercials (Tracey Morgan ,Cardi b Wayne’s world , drake from State Farm ,Jay-Z steals Nas' thunder once again, releasing a new song on the same dat, Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana's long-awaited collab project, Aunt  Jamama  change his name to Pearl Milling ,Nickelodeon colorism commercial, Michele Obama cooking show waffles and mocha, Tesla Announces $1.5 Billion Bitcoin Investment and Plans to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments and u can buy a Tesla with bit coin, French Police Break Up 81-Person Orgy Over COVID-19 Curfew Violation, McDonalds bring back hi c, Chaka Khan, Tina Turner And Jay Z Among 2021 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees  , Gina Carano fired from the Mandalorian says referenced the Holocaust, Clubhouse shadow banned on Ig

Weed News 

  • Greg Rubenacker was charged with smoking joint inside capital during break in
  • Jamaica is Running Low on Marijuana Due to Drought and COVID-1

Strain Of The Week : Green crack 14% thc fluffy light green , Sativa it smoked cool it was a great high for like 15 mins 

Question Of The Day : Is hip-hop a key factor in the violence and death in the black community

Real Sports Super bowl ,First female to Ref ,Super Bowl Commercials (Tracey Morgan ,Cardi B Wayne’s world , drake from State Farm, Tom Brady toss trophy off boat ,Ap wants to play with Brady, Russel Wilson trade rumors , Robert horry tweets Brady welcome to the 7 ring club and wants his respect


5 Blunts Of Kush : Sneaker Head Edition

(Bonus Black History Month Segment)Things That will Get Your Black Card Taken 

Top 10 Real Countdown : Top 10 Crunk songs 

plus Oval Office, Fadded and X-Rated, F-U Fridays