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Jan 13, 2024

In this conversation, Vinny Vallarine and JW Ross discuss the significance of freedom, government control and lobbying, and the challenges of working with the government. They also delve into JW's journey of creating Feel Free, a product designed to address social anxiety. The conversation explores the differences between kratom and kava, the launch of Feel Free, and the impact of society on stress and anxiety levels. The conversation explores the evolution of society and the contrast between different lifestyles. It delves into the origins and controversy surrounding kratom, highlighting the need for proper regulation and education. The complexity of chemistry and the importance of understanding the different forms of kratom are discussed.  The conversation also touches on the motives behind the opposition to kratom and the relative safety of its use. The role of tools and substances in altering mood and the potential for future product development are explored. The influence of childhood experiences and the lack of emotional connection are also examined, along with the role of alcohol in coping. The conversation explores the dangers of excessive consumption and the potential consequences of crossing the line. It also delves into the distinction between social drinking and substance abuse, highlighting the different motivations behind each. Additionally, the conversation touches on the desire to escape reality through substance use. Finally, there is a brief discussion about an upcoming new soda product release.

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