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Apr 12, 2024

In this conversation, Vinny Vallarine interviews Stuart Knechtle, an associate Pastor, and Christian Apologist. They discuss the origins of Stuart's ministry and the recent success of their Christian ‘Give Me an Answer’ movement where they engage with skeptics and truth-seekers on college campuses. They also explore the challenges of questioning faith and skepticism, as well as the pushback they sometimes receive on college campuses. The conversation highlights the shift in audience and the themes of questions they encounter, with a particular focus on mental health and its connection to faith. They also discuss the complexities of mental health days and the need for a balanced approach to addressing mental health issues. The conversation covers various topics including mental health and gender identity, political and social issues, challenging questions, the Big Bang and Biblical worldview, science and faith, irreducible complexity, the existence of God and the pursuit of truth, the problem of evil and hell, and aliens and the Biblical worldview. The conversation explores intellectual questions and distractions, with a focus on the core belief in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It delves into Jordan Peterson's beliefs and his ambiguity regarding Christianity.