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The Old Ways Podcast

Feb 24, 2020

Using the Hotel Gerard as their new headquarters, the investigators dig in and try to determine which path to take. The Doctor chooses to meet with Lt. Poole, while Ms. O'Shea and Forsyth head to Prospero House to speak with Jackson Elias' publisher. 

Feb 17, 2020

After fleeing the Chelsea Hotel, the investigators decide to fan out across the city to track down the leads left by Jackson, but not before Lt Poole from Murder Squad pays them a visit. 


Feb 10, 2020

The Hotel Chelsea is awash with blood and bodies. As the investigators quickly comb for clues, they begin to try and work out who killed their friend...and why? 

Feb 3, 2020

After spending some time away from one another, the investigators are drawn back to the Doctor's office by a telegram sent to Mr. Doyle from Jackson Elias. He's requested their presence in New York on January the 15th on a matter most urgent.