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Come Follow Me for Us podcast

Dec 28, 2022

This is the last episode of all four years of Come Follow Me.  In this episode, I talk about the changes I saw in myself through studying and testifying every week for four years.   Then I share your feelings and what the Come Follow Me program did for you.  Your testimonies are powerful.   This program was a blessing...

Dec 12, 2022

This is the second half of last week's lesson.  It's pretty on forgiveness.  Maybe that's a good thing to think about this Holiday season.  What gift can you give the Savior?  Forgive. 

Dec 7, 2022

This is the first half of the lesson about Haggai and Zechariah.  I only reference Haggai in this first half.  Be all in, people!  It just makes your life easier.  


Nov 22, 2022

This Episode includes my quick thoughts on Jonah and TWO repeat Episodes from Season 1 about giving.  Such good things to listen to this holiday season.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Nov 15, 2022

This episode talks about these two prophets, Amos and Obadiah.  They were just regular guys that were called to do and say some hard things. They warned us to seek the Lord and to be careful not to get to "at ease" in our lives.  Obadiah added that we should go to temples for our dead and be their "Saviors on Mount...