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The 1000 Hours Outside Podcast

Sep 8, 2023

In this empowering episode of the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast, we dive deep into the world of pelvic floor health with the remarkable Christina Walsh from Tighten Your Tinkler. If you've ever experienced those pesky pee leaks, back pain, or felt like you're constantly tethered to the nearest restroom, this episode is a game-changer.

Christina, known for her signature program, shares invaluable insights into pelvic floor dysfunction and how it affects not just your physical health but also your emotional well-being. Moms, in particular, often report that it limits their ability to be present with their family, especially during outdoor excursions where restrooms are scarce.

But fear not, because Christina Walsh is here to guide you towards regaining your confidence and quality of life. She shares essential tips on how to reduce your urge to pee, including hydration strategies, electrolyte solutions, and the magic of a toileting stool.

Discover the surprising connection between your nervous system and bladder health, and why urination should be a passive event. Christina dismantles myths, clarifies what's considered normal when it comes to bladder function, and emphasizes that it's never too late to take control of your pelvic floor health.

Don't miss out on this enlightening episode that will help you live life without constantly planning bathroom breaks. And as a special treat, Christina offers a generous coupon code "1000hours" for $50 off her signature program.

Are you ready to embrace life with renewed confidence and comfort? Tune in and join the conversation with Christina Walsh on the 1000 Hours Outside Podcast.

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