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Dec 23, 2021

There is a cryptocurrency, also named Omicron, that was up 900% on the day the new COVID-19 variant was publicized. Try as he might, Vitaliy cannot figure out what would have caused this crypto to spike that day. He muses that Mr. Market must be so crazy right now, that he is bidding up the price of random tokens based...

Dec 9, 2021

During his tenure, Jack Welch built GE into an earnings estimates-beating-machine. There's just one problem with that: it leads to extreme short-termism, and ultimately the misallocation of capital. Contrast this with Jeff Bezos' approach of maximizing long-term free cash flow, disregarding the current quarter....

Nov 25, 2021

Vitaliy re-shares and updates his analysis of Uber, and why it remains an attractive investment. He provides a mental model of how to analyze companies that may appear expensive but have yet to reach escape velocity in their cost structure and have a large market addressable market that they’ll likely dominate.


Nov 9, 2021

We are experiencing a perfect storm of inflation, formed by seemingly small factors. Each on its own may not be particularly significant, but once combined they result in an event that significantly exceeds the sum of all parts. Vitaliy provides an update on his previous inflation articles, and the risks he sees on the...

Oct 28, 2021

Vitaliy re-shares his 2020 musings on the US Dollar, and its role in the world, and gold, and its role in IMA portfolios.

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