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Jul 29, 2021

Culture matters. In this podcast, Vitaliy shares how he evolved from an analyst purely focused on numbers to an investor and CEO focused on people. Using two stories from IMA's own past, Vitaliy recounts how running the business made him a better investor.

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Jul 15, 2021

In this podcast, Vitaliy recounts the first time he felt fear. Not the fear of losing his own life, but the fear a parent feels when their kids are at risk.

Vitaliy remembers this harrowing episode, and what it taught him about being a parent.

Kruzenshtern Documentary:

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Jul 8, 2021

In investing, there are many "games to play". There are a lot of ways to try to make money in the market, and not all of them are good, rational, or productive over the long term.

After outlining a few games that are avoided at IMA, Vitaliy shares how he puts together a portfolio that has a high likelihood of producing...

Jul 1, 2021

In this podcast, Vitaliy goes over why we may be entering a sideways market (he wrote two books on this subject), as well as how to invest in them.

Spoiler alert: what has worked well in the last decade-or-so bull market might not work in the next 3 - 5 years, or more. Enjoy!

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