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Dec 22, 2022

In the first installment of Vitaliy's Holiday Series, he dives into Stoic philosophy. Or more specifically, Stoic philosophERs.

He points out that even more important than knowing what they said and taught is internalizing it: putting the lessons into practice.

Join Vitaliy at the outset of his tour of these...

Dec 15, 2022

Recessions, though unpleasant, are ultimately good for the economy. Like a forest fire, they clear out the dead wood and make way for new, healthy growth. But the boom of the last decade accumulated a great deal of kindling, and the coming recession might be deeper and longer than prior ones. Vitaliy shares why.

Dec 9, 2022

Everyone has seen home prices take off since the pandemic began. As work from home became a reality for many, Americans decided to live where they want. But now that the Fed has decided to hike rates, we have a combination of high prices AND high rates. Something has to give, and it will likely be worse than...

Dec 1, 2022

Vitaliy shares a collection of random thoughts on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While they don't add up to a coherent podcast with a beginning, middle, and end, they do point to an overall pattern: the war is not going well for Putin. Vitaliy shares his reasoning why.

Vitaliy's Article Almanac 2021:

Nov 17, 2022

Contrarian investing is inherently arrogant. You have the audacity to believe that hundreds or thousands of investors are wrong when you buy or sell a stock.

How can you go against the crowd without it going to your head? Vitaliy explores the psychology of disagreeing with the majority while maintaining humility.