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Nov 17, 2022

Contrarian investing is inherently arrogant. You have the audacity to believe that hundreds or thousands of investors are wrong when you buy or sell a stock.

How can you go against the crowd without it going to your head? Vitaliy explores the psychology of disagreeing with the majority while maintaining humility.


Nov 10, 2022

It has been a while since Vitaliy updated listeners on his Uber investment, but a lot has changed. With the pandemic now behind us, we begin to get a better sense of what the business looks like going forward. And the future looks bright.

Our analysis of Uber link:

Nov 3, 2022

When the President decided to forgive $10,000 of student debt for everyone anyone earning below $125,000, he opened a very slippery slope of government bailouts.

If we continue to borrow from the future, we run the serious risk of becoming a society totally devoid of personal responsibility.

Worse still, we end up...