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Too Opinionated

Jun 28, 2023

Today on Too Opinionated, actress Janet Kidder comes to visit!

Janet is thrilled with the numerous TV and film credits she has to her name which include Netflix's recent Christmas film 'Operation Christmas Drop', The CW's 'Two Sentence Horror Stories', CBS All Access' 'Star Trek: Discovery', Amazon's 'The Man in the High Castle', and Facebook Watch's 'Limetown', where she starred alongside Jessica Biel and Stanley Tucci.

Other noteworthy credits include ABC's 'Somewhere Between' and 'Rookie Blue', Syfy's 'Aftermath', The CW's 'Arrow' and 'Supernatural, Fox's 'The X-Files', Showcase's ' Continuum', CBC's 'Tom Stone', CTV/USA Network's 'La Femme Nikita', and feature films 'The Big Heist', and 'Bride of Chucky'.

 Janet Kidder, a native of Canada, is the niece of Margot Kidder. They both appeared in the episode, Walk on By, of the TV series La Femme Nikita, as the younger and older versions of Nikita's mom, Roberta. 

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