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Too Opinionated

Mar 20, 2023

Today on Too Opinionated, we sit down with Kristos Andrews! 

Kristos Andrews is a British-American Actor, Producer, Director and 11-time Emmy® winner. 

Kristos holds the record five Lead Actor Emmy® wins by the age of 30. He holds six additional Emmys for his work as a Producer and Director, and moreover, an Emmy® nomination as a Writer. Kristos is the only individual in history to have won Emmy®s in the three well-coveted professions of Acting, Producing and Directing. Additionally, from his former career as an athlete (extreme sports), Kristos is an X-Games Gold medalist and multiple Guinness® World Record holder.

Andrews has garnered most of his acclaim through his raw and 'soulful' performances in the crime-drama "The Bay" (Peacock) , in which he plays Pete Garrett, the hometown hero, opposite love interest Karrueche Tran; a highly popular super-couple on the series, known for their chemistry-filled scenes, as well his own twin; as British bad-boy, Adam Kenway. 

Kristos' breakout performance as Adam Kenway on The Bay landed him the lofty 'Big Bad' anti-hero role in the Lionsgate action film, Survive The Game (2022) in which he goes head-to-head in heavy scenes throughout the movie with film legend, Bruce Willis.

In the action film arena, Kristos has risen to the occasion of working head-to-head with legends such as Bruce Willis and Jean-Claude Van Damme ("Darkness of Man," 2023). Known to perform his own stunts, Andrews' extreme sports discipline and martial arts experience has been put to great use. Kristos has wrapped as the protagonist in the upcoming action movie "Breakout" (2023) co-starring Tom Sizemore and Louis Mandylor.

Other recent movies include Lifetime Movie Network's 'The Killer in My Backyard' (2021, Lifetime), Showtime's "2nd Chance for Christmas" (2020, Showtime) co-starring Vivica Fox and Tara Reid, the Netflix football drama "The Last Whistle" (2020, Netflix) co-starring Brad Leland, and the lead role in "A Place Called Hollywood" (2019, Apple TV). In addition, Kristos was also Emmy nominated for his comedic role as series regular, Tyler, in the teenage family sitcom This Just In (Pop TV).

In addition to being attached as co-director and special guest star on The Bay's spin-off teen drama 'yA' (2022) Kristos will also star as a series regular in the upcoming dystopian sci-fi "Fraxtur" (2023), co-starring Brittany Curran and Denise Richards.

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