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Too Opinionated

Jun 29, 2023

Teria Morada is an accomplished entertainer, professional singer and lyricist, and dancer/choreographer. She started her artistic endeavours and training at the age of three and has had some major accomplishments throughout her journey. She is a former two-time Junior Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion and National Team Member, a three-time Canadian Latin Music Award recipient, and multiple time Latin Dance Champion. Following the release of Teria’s first solo album Aries in 2021, Teria is in full production of her next EP Bon Voyage, co-written by her longtime friend, producer, DJ and artist Alonso Mendez of Underbite Records.

The title track  off of the upcoming EP was released on May 12th. Bon Voyage is expected to be the song of the summer with its melodic chorus, energetic rap, and an infectious vibe with
catchy beats. The artists drew inspiration from the thrill of going on a holiday, meeting new people, the possibilities of what the world provides, the sense of possibilities and good times.

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