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Too Opinionated

May 28, 2024

Today on Too Opinionated we talk with Mark Kohl, award-winning director and cinematographer (Disney's groundbreaking series "The Quest") turned founder of Frequency Caps, a groundbreaking company at the forefront of holistic healing through psychedelic mushrooms and sound therapy.

Mark's journey from the entertainment industry to the world of magic mushrooms is both captivating and inspiring.  

Mark's journey offers profound insights into personal transformation, innovation in wellness, and the power of alternative healing modalities. His experiences and expertise would greatly enrich your podcast, offering your listeners invaluable perspectives on resilience, innovation, and holistic healing.

The Frequency Project is the creation of Mark Kohl. In 2018, he started cultivating fungi to treat his own alcoholism, depression and anxiety. He imagined a therapy that harnessed the benefits of healing vibrations and sacred medicine, combined to help heal his body.

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