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Too Opinionated

Sep 14, 2023


Today on Too Opinionated, we sit down with actor Shawn Ahmed!

Shawn has amassed a lengthy list of credits in film, TV, and theatre. He is called upon to deliver
dramatic monologues in shows like SYFY’s ‘The Expanse’, or provide comedic breaks in his recurring
role on the hit CBC/The CW series, ‘Coroner’. He has also appeared in CBS’ ‘So Help Me Todd’, Paramount Plus' ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’, Lifetime’s ‘Fallen Angels Murder Club’ series and ‘Under the Christmas Tree’, The CW’s ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, ChillerTV’s ‘Slasher’, CBS All
Access’ ‘Twilight Zone’, CityTV’s ‘Hudson and Rex’, and Freeform’s ‘Siren’.

Back in 2012, Shawn also co-founded Crazy Shirt Productions, as a place for him and his creative peers
to write, direct and produce. His projects have toured festivals worldwide, garnered awards and accolades, and sold for national and international distribution. He just wrapped on the feature, Sanctuary, a Get Out- esque thriller, which he produced.

Next, Shawn will be reprising his role as Yudhishthrain Mahabharata, premiering internationally in October at the Barbican Theatre in London, England.

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