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Too Opinionated

Jun 27, 2023

Trinity Soos is a passionate, witty, and talented American actor, vocalist, voiceover artist, and writer. As early as two years old, Trinity loved performing for an audience. Since beginning her film/TV journey a few years ago, she has played lead and supporting roles in several films. Trinity is most known for her role as Caroline in the HBO Documentary "You Were My First Boyfriend", premiering later this year.

Trinity has a powerful concentration in creative expression, storytelling, and the performing arts. Her charming and passionate character draw people in, while her grounded confidence and positive attitude creates connections and friendships. A devoted student of the arts, Trinity attends her local public school where she is part of the Thespian Troupe, ASL Club, Vista Voices and Journalism Club.

As an Irish triplet, Trinity spends most of her time with her family and friends. She is always looking for opportunities to seek and create joy in life. Trinity enjoys supporting causes close to her heart, such as the Special Olympics. As her sister is a Special Olympics Athlete, Trinity has spent many years volunteering, fundraising, and supporting this special organization.

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