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Doulas of the Roundtable

Doulas of the Roundtable

Jan 18, 2024

Combination feeding is one of many approaches families choose when feeding their baby. It may be the plan from the start. Or, clients may find themselves settling into combination feeding due to postpartum challenges.

Some parents may feel that taking on 100% of the responsibility for infant feeding is an overwhelming task. For these individuals, sharing the task of infant feeding can help them show up as the best version of themselves. Our role is to help them identify their goals, and help them build a plan to get there. 

Some may desire to give their baby breast milk exclusively. For these parents helping them build a plan that incorporates pumping will be essential. The parent who desires to use formula in addition to feeding at the breast will have a plan that looks much different. 

Join us as we explore the practical and emotional sides of combination feeding.