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Doulas of the Roundtable

Doulas of the Roundtable

Apr 11, 2024

Doula mistakes come in all shapes and sizes. We're human, so it's understandable that mistakes will happen. Some mistakes will be unavoidable and only discovered through trial and error. Others can be avoided.

Common mistakes include a lack of effective communication, such as being slow or failing to follow up on inquiries or client communications. For labor doulas, there can be a sharp learning curve in incorporating the on-call life into daily life. This includes making sure that we are available to our clients via our preferred communication methods. From a phone that dies to forgetting that we put our phone on silent, these doula mistakes can cause a breakdown in trust between a potential or actual client and the doula. 

Whether you are a labor or postpartum doula, the potential for mistakes is real. Join us as we discuss common mistakes and how they can be avoided or remedied.