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Doulas of the Roundtable

Doulas of the Roundtable

Apr 25, 2024

As doulas, it's not uncommon to encounter individuals with a fear of birth. This fear can be rooted in many sources. First, the way in which TV represents birth. Second, the stories our friends and family share; and third, an individual's lived experiences.

The media often portrays birth as a dramatic process. The water breaks and the camera cuts to immediate transition-style contractions. Birth in the media is often presented in an unrealistic and dramatic light. We rarely see a birth that has little to no drama and is a straightforward process. 

Well-meaning family and friends often share the traumatic aspects of their own personal experiences. Or they share the traumatic experiences of others that they know. It can often be difficult for the pregnant person to find examples of physiologic birth that goes well. 

As birth professionals, it is essential for us to become informed on the sources of fear surrounding the labor and birth process. Join us as we discuss these sources of fear and the support that we can offer our clients to help reduce fear and instill strength.