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The Courage to Lead Podcast with Shawn Lovejoy

Feb 18, 2020

Are you the leader of the organization?

If you answer, “Yes,” by title you may also qualify as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). However, being in charge doesn’t necessarily make you the real leader. 

There’s a difference between managing and leading. 

One is tactical. 

One is strategic. 

One causes you to plateau. 

The other keeps you out in front. 

You know who the real leader is in the organization? The Chief Learning Officer (CLO)! As the leader on your team, you must be learning more than anyone else! You must be growing more than anyone else. You must have scheduled, uninterrupted time to learn and grow. You must allocate time, energy, and resources for it! 

In this episode of the CourageToLead Podcast, Shawn Lovejoy highlights the differences between a CEO versus a CLO.