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Action and Ambition

Nov 21, 2020

Welcome to another episode of Action & Ambition with your host, Andrew Medal. Today’s guests are Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book. Dr. Shawn Dill and Dr. Lacey Book, D.C. are coined as small business superheroes for helping more than 700 businesses boost their revenue with tried and true strategies. They grew and scaled a multi-million dollar franchise and specialize in helping service providers pivot into lucrative entrepreneurs with an innovative strategic methodology that teaches marketing, sales, and mindset skills. Their goal is to help transform service providers’ business to create a lasting impact and value on the community it serves by developing relationships. 

You’re going to love this episode. Let’s get to it!

Was Shawn practicing while he was in Costa Rica? (1:48)

  • Shawn graduated from chiropractic college when he was 24 years old. 
  • He says, just like any 24 years old, he thought he knew everything. There are no more life lessons you feel like you can learn.
  • He moved to San Jose, Costa Rica, without even thinking about it and not speaking Spanish at all. 
  • After one year of practicing, Shawn was broke, struggling, and did not even have pennies to rub together. He had to learn some more significant life lessons through that. 
  • Shawn dug his heels in and decided not to give up. After that, he started to become quite successful. 
  • They ended up with four chiropractic clinics in San Jose, Olive Waylon, and Li Mon. 
  • Shawn Dill was also known in Costa Rica for being the author of the law which regulates chiropractic practices.
  • When Shawn arrived there at first, there were no regulations, and chiropractors could do whatever they want. 
  • Shawn took it upon himself to get a law together, lobby it, get it passed through congress, and eventually signed by the President to protect patients from unlawful and unethical practices. 

What does their program look like? (3:40)

  • Shawn and Lacey started again as chiropractors with an office in Dublin, California. It was called the Specific Chiropractic Center. 
  • When Shawn came back from Costa Rica, a place they only use cash, Shawn said he wanted to start a cash only Chiropractic office. No insurance, high price point, and does particular types of techniques. 
  • The model turned into a very successful business, causing other chiropractors to start taking notice of it. 
  • They grew from one office to over 1415 offices across the world. They were opening their 15th one in the United States just the other day. 
  • It’s a chiropractic franchise, and in the chiropractic industry, that is unique.
  • For them, all the trials, tribulations, ups, and downs they faced taught them all that they know.
  • It also made them realize that they could teach these concepts to others. They have now branched out and are teaching it to any service professionals who want to learn. 


What are some fundamental pillars that they teach and tips that they can give? (11:26)

  • They teach three distinct areas—marketing, sales, and mindset.
  • Shawn and Lacey are firms that believe that you need to have strategies to combat obstacles as they come at you. 
  • For service providers, one of the biggest obstacles for them is their mindsets.
  • A lot of service providers come out of school or starting their business, and they get hooked on their struggles, mostly if their product arent not selling at the start.
  • Relationships are also vital in a business setting. You have to have all partners on board with the same mindset. 
  • You can have one person who’s a go-getter and entrepreneur and then a person that comes from the 9-5 job, saving every penny, etc. That way, they balance each other out.
  • One of the biggest ‘hiccups’ that they ran into from a business standpoint was their relationship with each other. 
  • A quote Lacey likes from Michael Port says, “All business problems, our problems in disguise,” And she feels that this rang very true with her and Shawn when they first got started. 
  • Shawn and Lacey both come from those two different worlds mentioned above, and she feels that their strengths came mainly from their differences. 
  • Openness and a willingness to compromise are key factors in trying to make a business work between partners. 

Black Diamond Club

The Black Diamond Club is a platform for service professionals who struggle with the business aspect. It lets them join a community of like-minded entrepreneurs and service professionals committed to building bigger businesses, higher incomes, and better lives. 


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