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All Things Therapy

Jul 29, 2019

Jessica Jeboult has transformed her own life from addiction, and now works with women in recovery through her supportive online community and coaching programs. She's a Life Coach, blogger, and author of, "Save Your Own Damn Life: A Do It Yourself Self Help Book." Learn more at


Jul 19, 2019

Listen in to my conversation with guest, Jay Izso as we discuss doing the things that make you afraid, the role of gratitude, and "getting up" after a setback. He's authored 4 books, hosts the podcast, "A New Direction," as is a great guy! Learn more at:

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Jul 17, 2019

Julie Heldman is a Top 5 in the World ranked Tennis Pro with 3 Olympic Medals. She was of the first 9 Women's Tennis pro's ever. Learn about the start of Women's Pro Tennis in her Memoir, "Driven: A Daughter's Odyssey." Learn more at:


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Jul 3, 2019

Join Mark Mezadourian on a live guided meditation calling in Angelic assistance for your anxiety. Mark discusses the unconditional love that Angels have for us, and how we can enjoy their presence and thank them for their guidance. Learn more and book sessions with Mark at