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All Things Therapy

Mar 29, 2024

I celebrate my 8 year anniversary as a podcaster sharing gratitude for you, lead us through and invocation of blessing and abundance, and acknowledge myself for sticking with this even when I wondered if anyone is listening, lol. Thank you for listening and being here with me on this journey of life. I am so happy to get to do this! Take advantage of the discounts I have for my favorite 4 longetivy health products below- I go into great detail about all of them and why I buy and use them daily. All of my love to you- Lisa Tahir:

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Magic Mind will blow your mind! My favorite drink to boost focus, increase productivity, and relieve anxiety. Order at and use code LISA for 56% off a month subscription or 20% off your entire order during the next 10 days!
* Take $15 off your order to try MyVitalC- The ESS60 molecule is stabilized in organic and Kosher olive oil and extends life by 90% as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory! I love what it does for my health, so try it at with code Lisa.
* Take 10% off Nadovim NAD+ Nootropic for Whole Brain Health that stimulates neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin! More at:
* Purchase juiceplus+ a whole food supplement I use daily!