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Powerhouse Women

Oct 17, 2023

Every thought you have is either attracting what you desire or sabotaging your success. Are the subconscious thoughts you have playing on repeat getting you closer to your big vision? In this episode, I’m sharing how I bring awareness to the language and thought patterns I have, what “fighting for your limitations” sounds like, and how I attracted the opportunity for my very first speaking engagement. I’m excited for you to walk away from this episode with the tools to become aware of where you’re holding yourself back, change your thought patterns, and have the courage to speak out about the opportunities and abundance you want in your life.


03:00 Are you aware of the subconscious thoughts you have on repeat?

04:15 What “fighting for your limitations” sounds like.

08:00 The silent killer of our dreams and how to take back your power.

13:00 How I got my very first speaking engagement.


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