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Powerhouse Women

Jul 16, 2019

Has the fear of criticism ever stopped you from putting yourself out there or going after what you really want? Oh boy can I relate. The fear of criticism kept me playing small for YEARS...and nothing that you see today as far as the Powerhouse Women event + community would exist had I kept listening to that fear. Today I’m sharing a few of the things that have helped me get out of MY own way when it comes to the fear of criticism, that I think will really help you too.


In this episode you will learn:

  • That if the fear of criticism stops you from moving forward sometimes, you’re so not alone
  • The fears that get in our way may never totally go away, but there ARE ways that we can learn to move forward in spite of our fears
  • The two things that have helped me to move past my fear of criticism and get into action around my big ideas

Are you joining us in September for Powerhouse Women 2019? I’d love to meet you!!


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